Floratron Solar Pool Cleaner: A New Way To Keep The Swimming Pool Clean And Chemical Free

Having a swimming pool is a fantastic family recreational space, giving the gift of hours of water enjoyment and exercise during the summer season. It is also a huge hassle and pain in the neck, costing the pool owner many hours and hundreds of dollars in necessary maintenance. Those are, unfortunately, the opposing sides of the same coin when it comes to pool ownership.

Or rather, that’s how it’s always been up until now. Because tackling the problem of making pool maintenance easier and cheaper has spawned new development in cleaning systems that largely operate automatically, freeing the pool owner from the seemingly endless drudgery that accompanies having a swimming pool.

Taking Advantage Of The Sun

As it has in an increasing number of areas of modern life, solar power technology is making a significant impact upon the mechanics of pool maintenance. Most likely, the backyard swimming pool is located in the sunniest portion of the property or within a glass enclosure to take full advantage of the light during long summer days. It was therefore inevitable that someone would make the conceptual jump and apply solar power to pool systems, resulting in the appearance on the market of solar powered pool sweeping robots, pumps and filtration systems.

The Floatron solar pool cleaner promises to virtually eliminate the need for any kind of pool maintenance beyond skimming for leaves and debris (unless the pool owner also adds a robotic pool sweep to the toolkit). These systems utilize electrodes sunk into the water to kill bacteria and algae spores. The unit itself consists of the electrodes, a floating disk and built-in solar panels to power the device, and is capable of servicing a pool of up to 40,000 gallons capacity.

Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons with any device, as can be expected. To get those out of the way, it might be necessary for pool owners to regularly check and see that the floatation ring is properly fitted into place, and the inner electrical coil needs cleaning at regular intervals to keep it working at peak efficiency.

In terms of maintenance, it is far easier and a lot more convenient to clean an electrical coil than an entire pool. The electrical cleaning action reduces the need for pool chemicals by up to 80%, making for a far healthier, non-toxic swimming environment.